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A photograph of the Memorial to the Vietnam War Veterans from Wales, located outside Cemetery Two

Support the new Wales Veterans Memorial

You can honor or memorialize  a loved one or show your business' support for the Veterans in Wales by purchasing a brick which will become... more ››

Photograph of the grey and white cat that tested positive for rabies.

Rabid Cat Captured in Wales

Wales Animal Control and the MA Dept of Public Health want the residents of Wales to be aware that on Tuesday June 19th a feral cat from... more ››

A pie chart illustrating how the FY19 budget is divided up among various departments.

FY19 Final Budget

To see the final budget as approved at the Annual Town Meeting, please click... more ››

A sign with the words "Handicapped Parking Only" in green and the universal symbol in white on a blue background.

Handicapped Parking at the Town Offices

There is one handicapped parking spot at the Town Offices. It is located at the rear of the building. The front entrance is not accessible... more ››

Scattered photographs of David Worth and projects he worked on during his career with the Town of Wales

Request a Town Report

The 2018 Annual Town Report is back from the printer.

Discontinuing the Bulletin Board at the Town Office

The official posting site for all public meetings is the Town webpage, and the Town Clerk's office. Due to the deterioriating condition of... more ››

pie chart

FY18 Final Budget

A copy of the Certified FY18 Budget is now available from the Town Clerk.

finance committee

Finance Committee positions

The Finance Committee has two voting positions and two (non-voting) Alternate Positions open.

posted positions

Posted Positions

- Accountant Assistant
- Planning Board
- Building Inspector ... more ››


Official Roads List

The draft of the Official Roads List was approved at the May 17, 2017 Annual Town Meeting. Click the links below to view the maps, and the ... more ››