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A photograph of the Memorial to the Vietnam War Veterans from Wales, located outside Cemetery Two

Support the new Wales Veterans Memorial

You can honor or memorialize  a loved one or show your business' support for the Veterans in Wales by purchasing a brick which will become... more ››

A photograph of the Selectboard office with the voting booths and Automark machine set up.

Early Voting and Absentee Voting

Absentee ballots for the November 6th Election are now available in Wales. You can download an application for an Absentee ballot by... more ››

A photograph of concrete breaking into small pieces

Crumbling Concrete Foundations

If your home was build in the 1980 to early 2000, your foundation may be affected.For more information, click... more ››

A blue sign with a white symbol of a person in a wheelchair moving forward.

ADA Grievance Policy

TOWN OF WALESGRIEVANCE POLICYFor the General PublicEQUAL ACCESS TO FACILITIES AND ACTIVITIESMaximum opportunity will be made available to... more ››

Job opening Executive Secretary to Selectboard

Click here to see the full job... more ››

Primary Election Results for Wales

Click here to see the results from the... more ››

A drawing of a person standing at a lectern, speaking to a group of seated people.

Special Town Meeting

There was a Special Town Meeting on Monday, August 6, 2018.Both the articles passed. You can click... more ››

A pie chart illustrating how the FY19 budget is divided up among various departments.

FY19 Final Budget

To see the final budget as approved at the Annual Town Meeting, please click... more ››

pie chart

FY18 Final Budget

A copy of the Certified FY18 Budget is now available from the Town Clerk.

finance committee

Finance Committee positions

The Finance Committee has two voting positions and two (non-voting) Alternate Positions open.

posted positions

Posted Positions

- Accountant Assistant
- Planning Board
- Building Inspector ... more ››


Official Roads List

The draft of the Official Roads List was approved at the May 17, 2017 Annual Town Meeting. Click the links below to view the maps, and the ... more ››