Parks Commission

Wales is fortunate to be surrounded by a large area of woodlands, mountains with elevations up to 1186 feet, expansive swamps, Lake George and five named brooks. Nearly a fifth of the six square mile area of Wales is protected. The Brimfield State Forest covers much of the northern town boundary and the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary covers the entire southwest corner of the town.

The Parks Commission currently has the duty to maintain the three Town owned properties on Lake George and the Town Fountain.

While visiting our Town Parks & Beaches please "Pack It In, Pack It Out", carry out all trash. Thank you.

The Wales Town Beach at Sichols Colony, 29 Sichols Colony Boulevard, is 11,660 square feet of grassed area and sandy beach. There are limited parking spaces and access for roof top/carry on water craft such as kayaks and canoes. There is a pavilion and benches. This is a lovely quiet Beach.

The Wales Town Beach, 10 Union Road, is located across the street from Cemetary No1. Around 600 square feet and a spectacular view of the lake makes this a great place to visit. Parking is across the street.

The George A. Needhan Memorial Park, 83 Stafford Road  has about 2.4 acres of hilly woodland and vernal pools make up this diamond in the rough. There is parking, and rough trails leading down to the bank of Lake George. Construction is underway on stone steps and various gardens. There will be a memorial garden where ornamental trees or shrubs can be planted in memory of some-one, a community garden where plots can be planted by individuals or groups, a formal garden of raised beds and a short circular path leading to the lake.

All of the parks are open during the daylight hours. The beaches are open to residents only. There are no lifeguards on duty. Please use the parks with respect for the natural environment and the neighbors who live nearby or other people who are there to enjoy the outdoors like you. Do not litter and please follow the few posted rules.

The Town Fountain is a historical landmark at the junction of Main Street and Haynes Hill Road.

We welcome input and suggestions. We love volunteers!

Commission Members

Name Title
JoAnne Higgins Chair
Doug Bready
Bill Luchon
Peter Higgins
Allison Vilandre