David W. Worth Citizenship Award

This award has been established by the Wales Board of Selectmen. The purpose of this award is to honor residents of Wales who have exemplified the characteristics necessary to live the life of a Good Citizen. The Wales Resident is recognized for demonstrating ethical leadership and stewardship and for making a positive difference in the Town of Wales.

The Award has been named after David W. Worth in recognition of his 40 plus years of committed and dedicated service to the people of Wales.

To earn the award, a resident must be nominated by another resident in a “Nomination Letter” of 500 words or less.

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2011 Citizenship Award2011 Citizenship Award

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 22:32
David W. Worth Citizenship Award

WALES - Whether it be spending four years on the Board of Selectmen, serving as the town’s dam inspector for two decades, sitting on the Lake George Study Committee, or working for 30 years to make sure school buses were safe for area kids – there are quite a few reasons why Wilfred “Bill” Anair Jr. was named the Wales Person of the Year at Tuesday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

"Bill is a stand up guy, always putting the town before himself,” said Selectman Michael Valanzola. “Bill never asks what is in it for him, but rather what can he do to help. He is a class act and I can think of no one more deserving.”

Anair accepted the David Worth Citizenship Award on Tuesday, which the town has bestowed upon its most community-minded citizens for the last five years. He also received congratulatory letters signed by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, State Sen. Stephen Brewer, and State Rep. Todd Smola.“

Receiving this award is a huge honor for me,” Anair said. “I have lived in Wales for many years, and I’m always looking for ways to help out. This is a small town with a lot of good people who work hard, and I am honored to be recognized in this way.”

From left, Board of Selectmen Chairman Jeffrey Vannais, Bill Anair Jr., Selectman Michael Valanzola, and Selectman Michael Milanese.

Printed in the Southbridge Evening News on September 15, 2011
By Kevin Flanders

2010 Citizenship Award2010 Citizenship Award

Friday, 12 August 2011 02:00
David W. Worth Citizenship Award

Rodney Aldrich was awarded the "David W. Worth Citizenship Award" during the 2010 Wales Olde Home Days celebration.

Pictured left to right are: State Representative Todd Smola, Rodney Aldrich, and Wales Selectman Michael Valanzola.

2009 Citizenship Award2009 Citizenship Award

Friday, 12 August 2011 01:00
David W. Worth Citizenship Award

Leona Gregorie was awarded the "David W. Worth Citizenship Award" during the Wales 2009 Olde Home Day celebration. Leona has served the Town of Wales as a member of the elections commission for over 50 years, in those 50 years she has never missed an election (Local, State, Special or Federal).

Additionally, Leona served for a number of years as the Post Master for the Town of Wales, she was a friendly and welcoming person at the post office. Leona has always given herself to her community with no expectation of anything in return. She raised her children in Wales with her late husband Bill, and has much of her family still around her in her home town.

The Town of Wales appreciates these many contributions that Leona has made to her fellow residents in town and is proud to honor her with this award.

2008 Citizenship Award2008 Citizenship Award

Friday, 12 August 2011 00:00
David W. Worth Citizenship Award

WALES - The first David W. Worth Citizenship Award was presented to Patricia M. "Pepper" Wheeler during Olde Home Day on Saturday night.

The idea of the award was the brainchild of Selectman Michael J. Valanzola, who convinced his colleagues in December that selectmen should establish an award program for those who give back to the community.

He suggested the award be named the David W. Worth Citizenship Award in honor of Mr. Worth's 40 years of service in numerous positions, including highway surveyor and fire chief. A nomination committee accepted letters recommending recipients.

Mr. Valanzola said "it was a no-brainer for the nominating committee and selectmen to accept the nomination" of Ms. Wheeler. "She has dedicated her life to helping others. Everything she's ever done in town was done without accepting any money. She founded and served as president of the PTA for over six years. She worked tirelessly to purchase new equipment for the (elementary school) playground and donated over 3,000 teddy bears to the victims of Hurricane Katrina," he said.

Amid the Olde Home Day activities, Mr. Valanzola presented a teary-eyed Ms. Wheeler the award with "enthusiastic company spirit, individual self-esteem, appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, who exemplifies the characteristics necessary to live the life of a good citizen, demonstrates ethical leadership and stewardship and makes a positive difference in the town of Wales ."

She was nominated for the award in the spring by Jean F. Mongeon of 20 Royce Lane.

Printed in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on August 12, 2008
By Patty Lawrence-Perry CORRESPONDENT