A photograph of the Memorial to the Vietnam War Veterans from Wales, located outside Cemetery Two

Support the new Wales Veterans Memorial »

You can honor or memorialize  a loved one or show your business' support for the Veterans in Wales by purchasing a...

Photograph of the grey and white cat that tested positive for rabies.

Rabid Cat Captured in Wales »

Wales Animal Control and the MA Dept of Public Health want the residents of Wales to be aware that on Tuesday June 19th...

A pie chart illustrating how the FY19 budget is divided up among various departments.

FY19 Final Budget »

To see the final budget as approved at the Annual Town Meeting, please click...

A sign with the words "Handicapped Parking Only" in green and the universal symbol in white on a blue background.

Handicapped Parking at the Town Offices »

There is one handicapped parking spot at the Town Offices. It is located at the rear of the building. The front...

Scattered photographs of David Worth and projects he worked on during his career with the Town of Wales

Request a Town Report »

The 2018 Annual Town Report is back from the printer.

Town Hall, 3 Hollow Road
PO Box 834, Wales, MA 01081 
Phone (413) 245-7571 
| Fax (413) 245-3261

To see more detail or to send a message to one of the below contacts, click on the contact Name. All meetings are held at the Town Office, unless otherwise noted.


Town Clerk

Leis Phinney(413) 245-7571 Ext. 101 

Board of Selectmen Administrative Secretary

Janine Drake(413) 245-7571 Ext. 100(413) 245-3261

Tax Collector

Rebecca Smith(413) 245-7571 Ext. 106 


Sue Hilker(413) 245-7571 Ext. 111 


Lynn Greene(413) 245-7571 Ext. 102 

Police Chief

Jeffrey Hastings(413) 245-6030 (non-emergency)(413) 245-6047

Fire Chief

John Croke(413) 245-7695 (non-emergency) 

Deputy Fire Chief

Vacant(413) 245-7695 (non-emergency) 

Fire Inspector

John Cozens(413) 297-9102 

Emergency Management Director

Thomas Ard(413) 245-7571 Ext. 134 

Police Detective

Erin Hastings(413) 245-7571 Ext. 134 

Road Commissioner

Bruce Cadieux(413) 245-7494 

Finance Committee Chair

Roy Lainson(413) 245-7571 Ext. 120 

Capital Improvements Planning Chair

Vacant(413) 245-7571 

Senior Center Director

Heather Ackerman(413) 245-9683(413) 245-1094

COA Chairman

Gerard Bernier(413) 245-9683(413) 245-1094

Veteran's Services Director

John Comerford413-267-4140 

Board of Assessors Chair

Beverly Poirier(413) 245-7571 Ext. 103 

Library Director

Nancy Baer(413) 245-9072(413) 245-9098

Board of Library Trustees Chair

Kim Bready(413) 245-9072 

Animal Control Officer

Wendy LeSage(413) 245-7571 Ext. 101 or Ext. 100 

Board of Health Chair

David Foote(413) 245-7571 Ext. 105 

Zoning Board of Appeals Chair

Joel Jette(413) 245-7571 or Ext. 101 

Planning Board Chair

Bill Matchett(413) 245-7571 Ext. 108 

Building Inspector

Jack Keough(413) 245-7571 Ext. 130 

Gas & Plumbing Inspector

Rich Buccelli508-864-2875 

Electrical Inspector

Scot Mansfield(413) 245-7571 Ext. 124(413) 245-3261

Conservation Committee Chair

Bill Bozenhard(413) 245-7571 Ext. 114 

Parks Commission Chair

JoAnne Higgins(413) 245-7571 Ext. 104 

Recreation Committee Chair

Arthur Higgins(413) 245-7571 Ext. 109 

Tree Warden

Charles Smith(413) 233-8782 

Transfer Station Director

Dick Silva(413) 245-7571 Ext. 131 

Local Access Director

Leon Givner(413) 267-5111 

Cemetery Commission Chair

Bill Towns  

School Committee Chair

Christine Randall