Scattered photographs of David Worth and projects he worked on during his career with the Town of Wales

Request a Town Report »

The 2018 Annual Town Report is back from the printer.

A photograph of the Memorial to the Vietnam War Veterans from Wales, located outside Cemetery Two

Wales Memorial Day Event Monday May 28 »

Wales Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Selectboard will hold a Memorial Day Service  at 9 a.m. on Monday, May 28, 2018...

Senior Center Director Job posting »

The Selectboard have extended the application period until May 30th at 3 p.m.

A drawing of a red sign with the word Elections in yellow.

2018 Town Election Candidates »

The Annual Town Election will be held on Wednesday May 23, 2018.The Polls are located at the Wales Senior Center and...

Discontinuing the Bulletin Board at the Town Office »

The official posting site for all public meetings is the Town webpage, and the Town Clerk's office. Due to the...

Town Hall, 3 Hollow Road
PO Box 834, Wales, MA 01081 
Phone (413) 245-7571 
| Fax (413) 245-3261

To see more detail or to send a message to one of the below contacts, click on the contact Name. All meetings are held at the Town Office, unless otherwise noted.


Town Clerk

Leis Phinney(413) 245-7571 Ext. 101 

Board of Selectmen Administrative Secretary

Janine Drake(413) 245-7571 Ext. 100(413) 245-3261

Tax Collector

Rebecca Smith(413) 245-7571 Ext. 106 


Sue Hilker(413) 245-7571 Ext. 111 


Lynn Greene(413) 245-7571 Ext. 102 

Police Chief

Jeffrey Hastings(413) 245-6030 (non-emergency)(413) 245-6047

Fire Chief

John Croke(413) 245-7695 (non-emergency) 

Deputy Fire Chief

Vacant(413) 245-7695 (non-emergency) 

Fire Inspector

John Cozens(413) 297-9102 

Emergency Management Director

Thomas Ard(413) 245-7571 Ext. 134 

Police Detective

Erin Hastings(413) 245-7571 Ext. 134 

Road Commissioner

Bruce Cadieux(413) 245-7494 

Finance Committee Chair

Roy Lainson(413) 245-7571 Ext. 120 

Capital Improvements Planning Chair

Vacant(413) 245-7571 

Senior Center Director

Heather Ackerman(413) 245-9683(413) 245-1094

COA Chairman

Gerard Bernier(413) 245-9683(413) 245-1094

Veteran's Services Director

John Comerford413-267-4140 

Board of Assessors Chair

Beverly Poirier(413) 245-7571 Ext. 103 

Library Director

Nancy Baer(413) 245-9072(413) 245-9098

Board of Library Trustees Chair

Kim Bready(413) 245-9072 

Animal Control Officer

Wendy LeSage(413) 245-7571 Ext. 101 or Ext. 100 

Board of Health Chair

David Foote(413) 245-7571 Ext. 105 

Zoning Board of Appeals Chair

Joel Jette(413) 245-7571 or Ext. 101 

Planning Board Chair

Bill Matchett(413) 245-7571 Ext. 108 

Building Inspector

Jack Keough(413) 245-7571 Ext. 130 

Gas & Plumbing Inspector

Rich Buccelli508-864-2875 

Electrical Inspector

Scot Mansfield(413) 245-7571 Ext. 124(413) 245-3261

Conservation Committee Chair

Bill Bozenhard(413) 245-7571 Ext. 114 

Parks Commission Chair

JoAnne Higgins(413) 245-7571 Ext. 104 

Recreation Committee Chair

Arthur Higgins(413) 245-7571 Ext. 109 

Tree Warden

Charles Smith(413) 233-8782 

Transfer Station Director

Dick Silva(413) 245-7571 Ext. 131 

Local Access Director

Leon Givner(413) 267-5111 

Cemetery Commission Chair

Bill Towns  

School Committee Chair

Christine Randall