The Town of Wales has partnered with ECN to provide CodeRED to residents of Wales. CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which town officials will be able to quickly notify residents by home phone, cell phone, text message, and email about emergency situations and weather scenarios. 

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Use of CodeRED

The main objective of CodeRED is to provide quick alerts to residents during emergency situations. However, CodeRED may also be used to issue Weather Warnings and non-emergency General Notifications. Non-emergency General Notifications are optional and residents must opt-in if they choose to receive General Notifications. The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire town. Examples of Emergency Notifications include: Tornado Warnings, Amber Alerts and other scenarios as deemed urgent by Town Officials. Examples of General Notifications include: Reminder of upcoming Town Elections, Road closures due to repairs, and other helpful updates as deemed appropriate by Town Officials.

Learn more about CodeRED Weather Warnings by clicking here.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you received the initial test call from the Town of Wales on October 1, 2013, you are already registered for future Emergency Notifications. If you did not receive a call, then it is recommended that you register phone numbers and email addresses for which you would like to receive future notifications.

You may need to register if:

  • You haven't received any notifications from the Town of Wales within the last year
  • Your number is Unlisted
  • Your number has changed within the last year
  • You use a cell phone or VoIP phone number as your primary phone
  • You wish to add additional phone numbers and/or email addresses to be contacted
  • You wish to opt-in to non-emergency General Notifications or Weather Warnings

If you had previously signed up for Emergency Alerts and/or News & Announcements in the Town's prior email-only service, you will need to re-register your information at the "Register for CodeRED" link found at the top of this page.

Caller ID

When you receive a call from CodeRED, the following name, number will be showing on your Caller ID:

  • For Emergency Notifications: (866) 419-5000 or "Emergency Comm"
  • For Weather Warnings: (800) 566-9780 or "Emergency Comm"
  • For General Notifications: (855) 969-4636 or "ECN Community"

If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back. 

Need Help?

If you need assistance registering your phone or email address with CodeRED or have additional questions, contact any of the below:

  • Town Clerk at 245-7571 ext 101 during open office hours
  • Police Station during open office hours
  • Fire Station during open hours
  • At any time, send CodeRED questions to:, or leave a message at 245-7571 ext 134.