Septic Information


The Wales Board of Health requires all residents seeking to install, repair or upgrade any septic system to file a plan with the Board of Health for review and approval “prior” to work. (Refer to fee list) 

Plan approval may take up to 45 days. No system may be installed without prior approval or by any one other than a permitted installer. A list of permitted installers is available at the BOH office.

Those wishing to obtain a permit to install/repair a septic system may obtain an application at the Board of Health office.

The following is a list of requirements for all subsurface sewage disposal systems along with who is responsible for what aspects of the as-built inspection process:

SUB-GRADE INSPECTION - a sub-grade inspection needs to be completed prior to the introduction of any fill material to the area where the system is to be installed. The purpose of this inspection is to make certain that the system is being installed in the most restrictive layer of soil and that the leaching area is free of impervious materials such as large boulders or ledge. A member of the Board of Health or its Agent shall complete the sub-grade inspection. 

COMPLETED SYSTEM PRIOR TO BACKFILL - An inspection of all system components prior to the backfill of the system needs to be completed both by a member of the Board of Health or its Agent and the design engineer. The final as-built elevations are to be certified by the design engineer and submitted to the Board of Health along with items 3 and 4 (below) if applicable. 

PUMP INSPECTION - if the subsurface sewage disposal system installation calls for a pump, a pump inspection needs to be conducted and certified by the design engineer. The pump certification shall include an inspection of the pump floats to ensure that the pump is operating as specified on the plan and that the alarm is operational.  

FINAL FILL AND GRADING - For any raised system, the as-built plan shall include spot grades at all tops of slope, toe of slopes, and over the top of the system to ensure that the minimum breakout grades have been met and that minimum slope has been achieved over the top of the system. Additionally, spot grades should also be shot over the sewer line and septic tank / pump chamber to ensure that minimum cover has been maintained over these components. 

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE - A certificate of compliance will be issued after an as-built plan and certification in writing from the design engineer has been submitted to the Board of Health, which satisfies all pertinent requirements. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. If you have any questions regarding the above-listed procedures, please contact the Board of Health office at (413) 245-7571 ext 105.