Real Estate & Personal Property

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Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills are mailed out twice per year and each contain two quarterly payment stubs. The due dates for Real Estate taxes are 8/1 and 11/1 on one bill (these are Prelminary bills based on the previous fiscal years tax rate), and 2/1 and 5/1 on the second bill (these are based on the Actual tax bill bearing the rate for the current fiscal year). Save time and money by paying on-line at the link above! If you wish to drop off a check instead of paying on-line, but can't make it to the office during our posted office hours, there is a secure payment drop-box located on the East side of the Town Hall building near the parking area.

Any questions regarding valuation on Real Estate or Personal Property as well as abatement application information should be directed to the Board of Assessor’s office. They can be reached via telephone at 413-245-7571 ext. 103. Real Estate and Personal Property abatement applications are due at the Board of Assessor’s office on or before February 1st of that fiscal year.