Warrant Closing March 15, 2018

Last day to submit articles for Town Meeting
photo of a man with some papers in his hand, standing up to speck in a meeting.

Important Notice: If anyone wants to place an article on the Town Meeting warrant, the final date to submit articles to the Board of Selectmen is March 15th, only two weeks away.

By State law, the Board of Selectmen assemble the warrants for all Town Meetings. One of their duties is to decide which articles should be placed before the voters at Town Meeting. Did you know that when you come to Town Meeting, YOU are the Town's Legislative Body?

However, voters do have a voice in the warrant process. The law says that if at least ten registered voters sign a letter requesting that a specific article be put on the warrant, the Selectboard must put that article on the warrant exactly as presented.

So, March 15, 2018 is the last date to submit articles for action at the Annual Town Meeting on May 16, 2018. The intervening days are used for assembly, legal review, corrections, printing, posting and mailing the warrant.