Special Town Meeting

November 8, 2017
Special Town Meeting Information

Residents voted to spend $157,000.00 from the Stabilization Fund to allow Weston Sampson engineers to complete the work required to reach the 25% Design Phase on the Monson Road project. The vote was 86 Yes and 12 No.

The Town is potentially eligible for a TIP grant of $3,452,400.00 from Mass DOT, to make repairs to Monson Road. However the Town must provide the initial engineering studies in order achieve a good score on the Tech Scoring day in February, and hopefully earn a place on the Department of Transportation 5-Year Plan. The total cost to the Town for the engingeering will be $340,000.00. 

The links below will take you to a documents that can provide more information about the project. Click on the video to learn more about the TIP Grant process, or read the documents below. The first is an informational handout that includes a breakdown of the engineering tasks and their cost, the second is a link to a nine-page Excel spreadsheet that shows the factors that were used to score the Wales TIP project and the last is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Understanding the TIP Grant Process