Rabid Cat Captured in Wales

Photograph of the grey and white cat that tested positive for rabies.
Rabid Cat

Wales Animal Control and the MA Dept of Public Health want the residents of Wales to be aware that on Tuesday June 19th a feral cat from Wales tested positive for rabies. The cat was a mostly grey domestic short haired cat with white paws and some white on its head. The cat was active in the area of Union Road and Walker Road on Sunday June 17th and Monday June 18th, when it was captured and delivered for testing. 

Rabies is a serious disease and immediate consultation with  medical staff is needed after possible exposures. If you believe you or your children may have handled this cat between Friday June 8th and Monday June 18th, please call the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for a risk assessment. They are available 24/7 by calling 617-983-6800.

You can learn more about rabies by clicking here. All dogs and cats should be vaccinated because there is no cure for the disease once an animal has been infected.