Wales Cemetery Commission Information

The cemeteries in the Town of Wales are managed by the three Cemetery Commissioners. One person is elected in May of each year to serve a three-year term as a Commissioner. The Commissioners oversee the opening and closing of graves, manage the care and upkeep of all the cemeteries, arrange the sale of cemetery plots and maintain the maps and cemetery records. 

Wales has four cemeteries. The oldest, Number One, is located off Union Road across from the Town beach. There is a boulder with a plaque that reads,"TO THE MEMORY OF THE BRAVE,STURDY, RESOLUTE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SUBDUED THE WILDERNESS AND MADE THE HABITATION OF THIS TOWN POSSIBLE AND WHOSE DUST REPOSES IN THIS YARD IN UNKNOWN GRAVES." 

Cemetery Two in located next to the Old Town Hall on Route 19 across from Union Road. Many fine monuments and gravestones can be seen here.

Cemetery Three is located off Laurel Hill Road. With stones dating from the mid-1800s, it is full and is no longer used. Cemetery Four is located at the end of Laurel Hill Road and is the cemetery currently used for burials.