Dog Licensing Procedure


Mail Street Lists with dog licensing information included. Dog licenses due by May 31st.


Send reminder; postcard with Rabies clinic date, and late fee crossed out.


Send 2nd reminder; postcard with $15.00 late fee highlighted.


Send 3rd reminder; letter with $15.00 late fee and $25.00 ACO fee.


1. Send final reminder letter with court warning, before turning over names to ACO.

2. 7 days after mailing final reminder letter, give list of unlicensed dogs to ACO.

3. Complete “Application for Criminal Complaint” for unlicensed dogs and deliver complaints to Palmer Court House.


The Palmer Court Clerk Magistrate  will send each person a summons to Palmer Court. However the Clerk's office will take payments for past due licenses and ACO fees right up to the last day that the Clerk's office is open before the court date. Then those who have been summonned to court will have to see me at the courthouse before court if they want to pay their license and fines.